Section A - What is Anarchism?




A.1 What is anarchism?

A.1.1 What does "anarchy" mean?
A.1.2 What does "anarchism" mean?
A.1.3 Why is anarchism also called libertarian socialism?
A.1.4 Are anarchists socialists?
A.1.5 Where does anarchism come from?

A.2 What does anarchism stand for?

A.2.1 What is the essence of anarchism?
A.2.2 Why do anarchists emphasise liberty?
A.2.3 Are anarchists in favour of organisation?
A.2.4 Are anarchists in favour of "absolute" liberty?
A.2.5 Why are anarchists in favour of equality?
A.2.6 Why is solidarity important to anarchists?
A.2.7 Why do anarchists argue for self-liberation?
A.2.8 Is it possible to be an anarchist without opposing hierarchy?
A.2.9 What sort of society do anarchists want?
A.2.10 What will abolishing hierarchy mean and achieve?
A.2.11 Why do most anarchists support direct democracy?
A.2.12 Is consensus an alternative to direct democracy?
A.2.13 Are anarchists individualists or collectivists?
A.2.14 Why is voluntarism not enough?
A.2.15 What about Human Nature?
A.2.16 Does anarchism require "perfect" people to work?
A.2.17 Aren't most people too stupid for a free society to work?
A.2.18 Do anarchists support terrorism?
A.2.19 What ethical views do anarchists hold?
A.2.20 Why are most anarchists atheists?

A.3 What types of anarchism are there?

A.3.1 What are the differences between individualist and social anarchists?
A.3.2 Are there different types of social anarchism?
A.3.3 What kinds of green anarchism are there?
A.3.4 Is anarchism pacifistic?
A.3.5 What is anarcha-feminism?
A.3.6 What is Cultural Anarchism?
A.3.7 Are there religious anarchists?
A.3.8 What is "anarchism without adjectives"?
A.3.9 What is anarcho-primitivism?

A.4 Who are the major anarchist thinkers?

A.4.1 Are there any thinkers close to anarchism?
A.4.2 Are there any liberal thinkers close to anarchism?
A.4.3 Are there any socialist thinkers close to anarchism?
A.4.4 Are there any Marxist thinkers close to anarchism?

A.5 What are some examples of "Anarchy in Action"?

A.5.1 The Paris Commune.
A.5.2 The Haymarket Martyrs.
A.5.3 Building the syndicalist unions.
A.5.4 Anarchists in the Russian Revolution.
A.5.5 Anarchists in the Italian Factory Occupations.
A.5.6 Anarchism and the Spanish Revolution.
A.5.7 The May-June revolt in France, 1968.