Section D - How do statism and capitalism affect society?




D.1 Why does state intervention occur?

D.1.1 Does state intervention cause the problems to begin with?
D.1.2 Is state intervention the result of democracy?
D.1.3 Is state intervention socialistic?
D.1.4 Is laissez-faire capitalism actually without state intervention?
D.1.5 Do anarchists support state intervention?

D.2 What influence does wealth have over politics?

D.2.1 Is capital flight that powerful?
D.2.2 How extensive is business propaganda?

D.3 How does wealth influence the mass media?

D.3.1 How does the structure of the media affect its content?
D.3.2 What is the effect of advertising on the mass media?
D.3.3 Why do the media rely on government and business "experts" for information?
D.3.4 How is "flak" used as a means of disciplining the media?
D.3.5 Why is "anticommunism" used as control mechanism?
D.3.6 Isn't the "propaganda model" a conspiracy theory?
D.3.7 Isn't the model contradicted by the media reporting government and business failures?

D.4 What is the relationship between capitalism and the ecological crisis?


D.5 What causes imperialism?

D.5.1 Has imperialism changed over time?
D.5.2 Is imperialism just a product of private capitalism?
D.5.3 Does globalisation mean the end of imperialism?
D.5.4 What is the relationship between imperialism and the social classes within capitalism?

D.6 Are anarchists against Nationalism?


D.7 Are anarchists opposed to National Liberation struggles?


D.8 What causes militarism and what are its effects?


D.9 Why does political power become concentrated under capitalism?

D.9.1 What is the relationship between wealth polarisation and authoritarian government?
D.9.2 Why is government surveillance of citizens on the increase?
D.9.3 What causes justifications for racism to appear?

D.10 How does capitalism affect technology?


D.11 Can politics and economics be separated from each other?

D.11.1 What does Chile tell us about the right and its vision of liberty?
D.11.2 But surely Chile proves that "economic freedom" creates political freedom?