Section F - Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?




F.1 Are "anarcho"-capitalists really anarchists?


F.2 What do "anarcho"-capitalists mean by freedom?

F.2.1 How does private property affect freedom?

F.2.2 Do "libertarian"-capitalists support slavery?

F.3 Why do "anarcho"-capitalists generally place no value on equality?

F.3.1 Why is this disregard for equality important?
F.3.2 Can there be harmony of interests in an unequal society?

F.4 What is the right-"libertarian" position on private property?

F.4.1 What is wrong with a "homesteading" theory of property?

F.5 Will privatising "the commons" increase liberty?


F.6 Is "anarcho" capitalism against the state?

F.6.1 What's wrong with this "free market" justice?
F.6.2 What are the social consequences of such a system?
F.6.3 But surely Market Forces will stop abuse by the rich?
F.6.4 Why are these "defence associations" states?

F.7 How does the history of "anarcho"-capitalism show that it is not anarchist?

F.7.1 Are competing governments anarchism?
F.7.2 Is government compatible with anarchism?
F.7.3 Can there be a "right-wing" anarchism?

F.8 What role did the state take in the creation of capitalism?

F.8.1 What social forces lay behind the rise of capitalism?
F.8.2 What was the social context of the statement "laissez-faire"?
F.8.3 What other forms did state intervention in creating capitalism take?
F.8.4 Aren't the enclosures a socialist myth?
F.8.5 What about the lack of enclosures in the Americas?
F.8.6 How did working people view the rise of capitalism?