Section G - Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?




G.1 Are individualist anarchists anti-capitalist?

G.1.1 What about their support of the free market?
G.1.2 What about their support of "private property"?
G.1.3 What about their support for wage labour?
G.1.4 Why is the social context important in evaluating Individualist Anarchism?

G.2 Why do individualist anarchists reject social anarchism?

G.2.1 Is communist-anarchism compulsory?
G.2.2 Is communist-anarchism violent?
G.2.3 Does communist-anarchism aim to destroy individuality?
G.2.4 What other reasons do individualists give for rejecting communist-anarchism?
G.2.5 Do most anarchists agree with the individualists on communist-anarchism?

G.3 Is "anarcho"-capitalism a new form of individualist anarchism?

G.3.1 Is "anarcho"-capitalism American anarchism?
G.3.2 What are the differences between "anarcho"-capitalism and individualist anarchism?
G.3.3 What about "anarcho"-capitalism's support of "defence associations"?
G.3.4 Why is individualist anarchist support for equality important?
G.3.5 Would individualist anarchists have accepted "Austrian" economics?
G.3.6 Would mutual banking simply cause inflation?

G.4 Why do social anarchists reject individualist anarchism?

G.4.1 Is wage labour consistent with anarchist principles?
G.4.2 Why do social anarchists think individualism is inconsistent anarchism?

G.5 Benjamin Tucker: capitalist or anarchist?


G.6 What are the ideas of Max Stirner?


G.7 Lysander Spooner: right-"libertarian" or libertarian socialist?