Section J - What do anarchists do?




J.1 Are anarchists involved in social struggles?

              J.1.1 Why are social struggles important?
              J.1.2 Are anarchists against reforms?
              J.1.3 Why are anarchists against reformism?
              J.1.4 What attitude do anarchists take to "single-issue" campaigns?
              J.1.5 Why do anarchists try to generalise social struggles?

J.2 What is direct action?

              J.2.1 Why do anarchists favour using direct action to change things?
              J.2.2 Why do anarchists reject voting as a means for change?
              J.2.3 What are the political implications of voting?
              J.2.4 Surely voting for radical parties will be effective?
              J.2.5 Why do anarchists support abstentionism and what are its implications?
              J.2.6 What are the effects of radicals using electioneering?
              J.2.7 Surely we should vote for reformist parties in order to expose them?
              J.2.8 Will abstentionism lead to the right winning elections?
              J.2.9 What do anarchists do instead of voting?
              J.2.10 Does rejecting electioneering mean that anarchists are apolitical?

J.3 What kinds of organisation do anarchists build?

              J.3.1 What are affinity groups?
              J.3.2 What are "synthesis" federations?
              J.3.3 What is the "Platform"?
              J.3.4 Why do many anarchists oppose the "Platform"?
              J.3.5 Are there other kinds of anarchist federation?
              J.3.6 What role do these groups play in anarchist theory?
              J.3.7 Doesn't Bakunin's "Invisible Dictatorship" prove that anarchists are secret authoritarians?
              J.3.8 What is anarcho-syndicalism?
              J.3.9 Why are many anarchists not anarcho-syndicalists?

J.4 What trends in society aid anarchist activity?

              J.4.1 Why is social struggle a good sign?
              J.4.2 Won't social struggle do more harm than good?
              J.4.3 Are the new social movements a positive development for anarchists?
              J.4.4 What is the "economic structural crisis"?
              J.4.5 Why is this "economic structural crisis" important to social struggle?
              J.4.6 What are implications of anti-government and anti-big business feelings?
              J.4.7 What about the communications revolution?

J.5 What alternative social organisations do anarchists create?

              J.5.1 What is community unionism?
              J.5.2 Why do anarchists support industrial unionism?
              J.5.3 What attitude do anarchists take to existing unions?
              J.5.4 What are industrial networks?
              J.5.5 What forms of co-operative credit do anarchists support?
              J.5.6 Why are mutual credit schemes important?
              J.5.7 Do most anarchists think mutual credit is sufficient to abolish capitalism?
              J.5.8 What would a modern system of mutual banking look like?
              J.5.9 How does mutual credit work?
              J.5.10 Why do anarchists support co-operatives?
              J.5.11 If workers really want self-management then why are there so few co-operatives?
              J.5.12 If self-management were more efficient then surely capitalists would introduce it?
              J.5.13 What are Modern Schools?
              J.5.14 What is Libertarian Municipalism?
              J.5.15 What attitude do anarchists take to the welfare state?
              J.5.16 Are there any historical examples of collective self-help?

J.6 What methods of child rearing do anarchists advocate?

                J.6.1 What are the main obstacles to raising free children?
                J.6.2 What are some examples of libertarian child-rearing methods?
                J.6.3 If children have nothing to fear, how can they be good?
                J.6.4 Isn't "libertarian child-rearing" just another name for spoiling the child?
                J.6.5 What is the anarchist position on teenage sexual liberation?
                J.6.6 But isn't this concern with sexual liberation just a distraction from revolution?

J.7 What do anarchists mean by social revolution?

               J.7.1 Why are most anarchists revolutionaries?
               J.7.2 Is social revolution possible?
               J.7.3 Doesn't revolution mean violence?
               J.7.4 What would a social revolution involve?
               J.7.5 What is the role of anarchists in a social revolution?
               J.7.6 How could an anarchist revolution defend itself?